Monday, August 2, 2010

"program anak angkat dan motivasi upsr"


         On 30 JULY until 1 AUGUST 2010,form 4 of SMK AGAMA SLIM RIVER has programme at Kg Kuak Luar,Pengkalan Hulu,Perak.This programme between students of SMK AGAMA SLIM RIVER and villagers of KG KUAK LUAR.88 Students of SMK AGAMA SLIM RIVER were adopted to the villagers.They will divided into 27 family.

We live school at 11.30 a.m.We go in 2 bus.After that we stop at R&R Sg Perak for pray and eat,at 2.30 p.m.We continue our along journey at 3.30 p.m to Pengkalan Hulu.We took 6 hours to arrived at there.We arrived in rainy.After that we assamble at DEWAN MASYARAKAT to welcome ceremony from villagers.We divided into a group to go to the each adopted family.

On the first night,we known each other and by told our name hometown.while we ate durians.The next day,we have senamrobik with UPSR student of SKKL and we divided into two group.One group for UPSR Motivation and another one have gotong-royong at DEWAN MASYARAKAT.At evening we visited to the Sekolah Pondok and back home at 7.00 p.m.At night,we have a dinner at DEWAN MASYARAKAT.After that,ust Dr fahmi came and give us lecture for Isra' Mi'raj and finish at 11.30 p.m.

At the next day, we have some gotong-royong to cleaned up mosque and the Sekolah Pondok. our gotong-royong finished at 10 a.m.. Then we have self activity with our family before we back home. My friends and I went to Sempadan Thailand with my family. After that, we packed our thing . We were served with delicious meals by our family. We also were supplied with many thing by our family. We were very sad tu leave our 'family'. The bus leave the village at 4p.m.. We reached at our school at 11p.m..

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